Mozilla FirefoxYou probably would’ve noticed the dotted underlined red lines under misspelt words which are typed into text boxes/forms/fields. To me, it’s a rather welcomed feature since I use web applications and services quite a fair bit (I don’t misspell a lot, but automated checking is a bonus I guess ;)), but by default, the bundled dictionary is for the US locale which would complain when you spell ‘favour‘ instead of ‘favor‘.

Fortunately, it’s a rather easy to get around this, which is just to select and install the appropriate dictionary from here. Once that’s done, just right-click on any text box/field/form and you should be able to select the dictionary you want to use (screenshot below):

Firefox 2 dictionary selection

Once that’s done, you’re all set! :)

Miranda IM is a very lightweight IM client supporting multiple networks and is heavily based on the original ICQ client (which nobody uses anymore :(). I must say it brought back some memories of the days when I just got introduced to the world of IM. :D I decided to try it out as GAIM crashed on me the moment I tried connecting and I didn’t want to have multiple IMs installed on the work laptop which had limited amount of RAM.

First issue I had was the inability to connect to Google Talk, which HMMaster solved it for me by sending me this link. Next issue I had with it is the groupings I had with my contacts in MSN are not available in Miranda. According to HMMaster, he said there might be a plugin available for that as Miranda as heaps of plugins available, but I have not checked on that as yet.

Apart from those issues, it’s a rather good alternative to other multi-network IM clients such as GAIM and Trillian. :)

If you’re in work environment which utilises Microsoft Word a lot for work, you could try workFRIENDLY. It basically allows you to surf most sites in a Word-like interface.

I’m not going to go into the ethical issues of such an application, neither am I supportive of that behaviour and I do wish to be held responsible if your superior finds out. :P

That was the error code which I encountered while trying to install Python on the server at work which ran on Windows Server 2003. The installer actually executed but threw that ‘setup file could not be found’ error just after selecting the destination directory for the install. Initial googling for this gave results which were along the lines of ‘clean the CD as it may be dirty’ didn’t make much sense since it was being installed from the hard disk itself!

Mr sysadmin AsenDURE didn’t have an answer for it either, so I went back to do more googling which one of them actually fixed it. Although the installer (msi) file was on the hard disk locally, it was in a network share which Windows Server 2003 disapproves of. After moving the file to an unshared directory, the install process was completed without any issues. That’s Windows I guess. ;)

Another thing which I’ve learnt after the first week is not to run services/applications which were built for *nix on Windows. I had heaps of problems in migrating CVS to SVN which would never have been an issue had it been a *nix box.

Just had my last exam paper of my undergrad degree last Wednesday, which I guess, unofficially signifies the end (if all goes according to plan..).

Starting from tomorrow, I’ll be starting work at QDC as a software engineer. :D I’ll be dealing mostly with Java development stuff besides getting to play with some toys.

Unfortunately, there goes my post-exam vacation and late-waking-up schedule. :( I suppose I’ll have a short break when my parents come over for my graduation ceremony just before Christmas. That said, I guess I’m thankful that I’ve got a job before I even graduate. :D

Hmm, that’s all for this entry, I guess. Will try to keep my blog and spherebox updated with new entries/writeups when I can. ;) Hopefully I don’t get too busy. :)