Miranda IM

Miranda IM is a very lightweight IM client supporting multiple networks and is heavily based on the original ICQ client (which nobody uses anymore :(). I must say it brought back some memories of the days when I just got introduced to the world of IM. :D I decided to try it out as GAIM crashed on me the moment I tried connecting and I didn’t want to have multiple IMs installed on the work laptop which had limited amount of RAM.

First issue I had was the inability to connect to Google Talk, which HMMaster solved it for me by sending me this link. Next issue I had with it is the groupings I had with my contacts in MSN are not available in Miranda. According to HMMaster, he said there might be a plugin available for that as Miranda as heaps of plugins available, but I have not checked on that as yet.

Apart from those issues, it’s a rather good alternative to other multi-network IM clients such as GAIM and Trillian. :)

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