Error 1305

That was the error code which I encountered while trying to install Python on the server at work which ran on Windows Server 2003. The installer actually executed but threw that ‘setup file could not be found’ error just after selecting the destination directory for the install. Initial googling for this gave results which were along the lines of ‘clean the CD as it may be dirty’ didn’t make much sense since it was being installed from the hard disk itself!

Mr sysadmin AsenDURE didn’t have an answer for it either, so I went back to do more googling which one of them actually fixed it. Although the installer (msi) file was on the hard disk locally, it was in a network share which Windows Server 2003 disapproves of. After moving the file to an unshared directory, the install process was completed without any issues. That’s Windows I guess. ;)

Another thing which I’ve learnt after the first week is not to run services/applications which were built for *nix on Windows. I had heaps of problems in migrating CVS to SVN which would never have been an issue had it been a *nix box.

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