Some links I’ve come across on BT:

BitTorrent Tutorial Roundup – Loads of tutorials. – Site with information and torrent links of the latest *ahem* movies. Pretty useful with all the fake stuff floating around.

Unblocking BitTorrent – Pretty technical though..

BitTorrent predictions – Shouldn’t be taken too seriously I guess..

The year 2006 has been pretty eventful year for me I guess, with the biggest ‘event’ being the transition from full time studying to full time working. :-/ I had an enjoyable time while my parents and sis were around, unfortunately my bro stayed back to take care of my grandma.

Usual writeups would still be limited till I finish filling up the countless pages of PR application forms..

Anyway, have a good year ahead! :)

Apologies for the lack of updates as I have been busy with work, then with clearing/packing my stuff before moving out of my apartment, followed by the arrival of my parents and sister from KL who are here to attend my graduation ceremony which has given me the roles of tour guide and chauffeur.

I guess the drought of posts would continue till things settle down. Till then..

I’m not a big fan of screensavers as I have them disabled on every PC I use and instead have a 3 minute display timeout to standby mode if the display is a LCD monitor. But if you are and would like to have a cool looking one, try this.

2 of my workmates using Macbook Pros have that screensaver installed, but at the moment I’m quite happy with a blank black screen.. :D

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