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Both links from TorrentFreak.

Recently been researching and testing with VMware images for the deployment of our application at work which turned out to work pretty well (Ubuntu + Java 6 + MySQL + Glassfish). However, one thing which became bothersome was the overgrowing .vmdk images which didn’t seem to reduce in size even after file deletions were made in the virtual disk itself.

Again, Google came to the rescue for this, linking me to this site which gave a 2 step process for doing the shrinking. Do note that the instructions are for those who are using Windows as their host OS.

Got a “java.lang.InternalError:Can’t connect to window server” while trying to get Glassfish up and running on a Mac G5 running Mac OS X recently at work which was pretty odd as our application and Glassfish do not fire up any GUIs. After some googling, problem was fixed by adding a ‘-Djava.awt.headless=true’ to the list of system variables.

Although it was fixed relatively easily, it seems rather odd that Java would actually try to access the X server even though I was running it through a SSH terminal window (PuTTY)..

Just came across this recently..

Firefox plush toy

I think it should be able to sell pretty well if it does go into mass production..

Source: Foxkeh’s Blog

It’s got to $5.50 in bids so far.. Have a look for yourself here. Check out the comments too..

Screengrab in case it goes off soon:

ebay unfinished paper aeroplane