Came across this site when I was looking to buy a book, it does a search across multiple online sites and points you to the place where you can get it for the best price. Got my book from the Book Depository which surprisingly does not charge for shipping even though it’s based in UK (and shipping time was incredibly quick!).

There has been update to the ipfilter.dat source which I posted up before (have just updated that post). The previous source was from BISS but the people who maintain the blocklists now publish it at this site.

Whether or not the blocklists are of any use is up for debate, and definitely not something I’m going to go into in this post..

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It’s been awhile since I actually posted anything here.. time for a theme change and hopefully.. more posts to come. :D

If you participate in online forums or groups, you would realise that a majority of queries could be answered simply by googling. Colleague sent this site around today which potentially could help those whom are in need of guidance: Let me google that for you

  1. Type in the phrase in the search box.
  2. Hit Google Search.
  3. Copy and paste the link to the person who requires guidance.

For e.g., click here.

More truth than humour? :D

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