The article title says on Windows, but I think it should work on Mac OS X as well. Link over here.

After I got my iPhone 3G a couple about 2 months ago, I had no other choice but to use iTunes for all the syncing, backups, music etc as Apple wants total control of what you can or can’t do with its devices (was using YamiPod previously, writeup here). :

My loathing for it got worse as it didn’t seem to be closing gracefully on quitting besides causing software restores which all ended up with iTunes.exe taking up 100% CPU. I decided to stop swearing at it and search around for the root cause as this behaviour wasn’t replicated on my work machine and on colleague’s variety of machines.

Turns out it wasn’t iTunes, but the antivirus (NOD32 2.7) which wasn’t playing nice. After adding various iTunes paths to AMON/IMON exclusion lists, there has not been crashes or 100% CPU since (instructions on how to do this here). Guess I was cursing the wrong software but anyhow..

Just a note, this is a fairly belated post as I was having this issue with iTunes 7.x and have since upgraded to 8.0.1 which may no longer require this workaround. ;)

After trying it out for the past 24 hours, I must say I’m very impressed by the improvements over version 2. For starters, it has not hogged up to 500+MB of memory after a couple of hours, no crashes thus far too. Besides that, the new location bar (a.k.a. AwesomeBar) is simply fantastic. Most extensions have been updated to work with the latest version but you may have to switch to different ones if they aren’t updated anymore (or do some workarounds). Go get your copy of Firefox 3 here.

While on the subject of Firefox 3, BBspot has an article on it here. And before you go about saying ‘about time!’, BBspot is a satire news site. :P

I decided to find out if cross streets (intersections) can be easily searched via Google Maps rather than searching for one street and just scrolling around to find the intersection with the other recently, and realised there was a keyword to do that.

For e.g., typing a very frequently used rendezvous point into Google Maps:

Swanston St at Bourke St VIC 3000

Would give you the intersection of Swanston St and Bourke St (ex-Nike Melbourne). Link to the page here.

Pretty nifty since it’s common place for shop lot locations to be listed as ‘corner X road and Y road’.

via MalekTips

Gmail logoAn updated version of Gmail was recently rolled out to most users just after IMAP access was released, and I got it pretty early on. However, I somehow got reverted back to the old version a few hours later and never actually figured out why, till now..

Apparently, after I got moved over to the new version, I actually switched my language preference in the settings from English (US) to English (UK). : I sort of left it as it is since then and finally decided to find out the root cause today (after much cursing at how evil it was for me to be given access to the updated version for just a few hours..).

So if you still seem to be stuck in the old version, try the following (was suggested here):

  1. Click ‘Settings’ in your Gmail window (top right, close to ‘Sign Out’).
  2. In the drop down for ‘Gmail display language’, change it to ‘English (US)’.

Oh well, Gmail is still in beta..

More screenshots of the new version here.