Just a site I came across earlier today which (re)uploads the file you uploaded to multiple file upload sites (Megaupload, zSHARE, Sendspace, RapidShare were the ones used when I tried). Sendspace links weren’t working for me then (apparently being fixed) and Megaupload link only worked after some delay. Link to the site: Sharebee.com

I don’t have much use for it, but if you’re into uploading files for multiple users to download from, this site would definitely cut the amount of time spent uploading to each different service. ;)

this modern life

Looks like a fairly accurate depiction isn’t it..

via Wellington Grey . net

Air travel in the near future

via Schneier on Security 

As stated in the WordPress’s Codex, one of the steps in doing a proper upgrade of WordPress is deactivating all plugins beforehand (and reactivating upon successful upgrade). Since I’m managing a number of WordPress sites, and each WordPress install has a fair bit amount of active plugins, doing this is a considerably arduous task and annoying (especially so since updates/upgrades get released often).

I was googling around for a quick fix for this and found this plugin which works a treat. :)

Now if only that can be added to my shell script which currently automatically grabs the latest.tar.gz and rsyncs all the separate installs to promote further efficiency and laziness..

If you have already upgraded to WordPress 2.1 and have the syndication feeds options set to ‘full text’, you might’ve noticed that the RSS feed for your blog post gets truncated after the use of the <!––more––> tag. This is a change in behaviour as compared to previous version of WordPress (2.0 and below) which would show the whole post in an RSS feed if the feed option was set to full text.

Without going into the debate of full vs. partial feeds (I’m on the full feeds side though ;)), there’s a WordPress plugin which does not require any additional configuration apart from just dropping it into your WordPress’s plugins directory and activating it. Get it from here.