My sister got a Sony WALKMAN NW-E013F as a free gift recently and the installation of drivers continually terminated abruptly at about 70%. Initially she thought it was her fault but after some googling, it was Sony’s. >: They somehow shipped CD-ROMs with defective drivers in them, which caused that installation troubles.

Taken from here:

Important information regarding the CD-ROM software supplied with the following WALKMAN: NW-E013/E015/E016/E013F/E015F/E016F

Some CD-ROM provided with the above mentioned models may not be used. Therefore, the Hardware Operation Guide (PDF) may not be opened and the Driver for Microsoft Windows 2000 users may not be installed.

If you’re having the same issues, just get the drivers from here and it should install fine. ;)

And here‘s the link to SonicStage 4.3 which is the software used to transfer your music to the device (similar to how iTunes works with the iPod).

Sony Asia Pacific’s announcement regarding this issue can be found here.

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