Workplace setup

Been a long time since I posted something, so here’s a post of my setup at work which was recently enriched with a very neat LCD. :D

workplace rig

A relatively dated Acer Aspire Pentium-M laptop, Acer AL2016W 20″ wide screen LCD, Logitech MX400 mouse, Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000 keyboard and a.. kiwi soft toy (a gift from my colleague who went to NZ for a holiday some time back). The LCD’s 1680×1050 is simply awesome. :D Now if only I could replace the 17″ LCD I have in my room with that..

Hopefully I’ll have time soon to write more posts.. have been busy with shifting last week, followed by cleaning and clearing up the apartment to a habitable state. Hopefully ck will stop complaining once I start writing again.. soon. :P

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