Still alive, sort of..

My apologies if you’ve come here in hope of reading something decent, haven’t got much time as I’ve been working flat out on my final year software engineering project for the past 2 weeks or so which resulted in lack of sleep, proper food and getting sick. :(

The client handover presentation was 2 days ago which would’ve supposedly spelt the end of the project cycle, but alas, some rather critical bugs surfaced on the day itself. I’ve spent most of yesterday fixing those up (and more bugs that magically cropped up) and would probably spend some time tonight reverting changes to a ‘bugfix’ which was never a ‘bug’ in the first place and preparing the patch for delivery to the client tomorrow.

Once this is over, I will just have 1 last exam before I’m done with my undergraduate degree. If all goes well, I’ll be done with uni by the end of the year. Ah..

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