I mentioned about this feature being missed out when WLM came out of beta in a previous blog entry, and well, it’s now available. I’ve been messaging with a friend who’s on Yahoo! Messenger and it has been working rather flawlessly. Offline messaging between the 2 networks seem to work fine as well.

Those using YM will have to be using the latest beta version for this to work though. Do also note that M$ still terms this functionality as a beta, so you would have to accept an agreement before you are able to start using this feature.

Info for WLM here.

How do I start sending messages to friends who use Yahoo! Messenger with Voice?

Once you sign up, you can add Yahoo! Messenger contacts to your contact list in the usual way. Under “Contacts,” click “Add a contact” and enter your friend’s Yahoo! e-mail address. That’s it!

Does this work with all my Yahoo! contacts?

Yes. As long as your friends have the beta version of Yahoo! Messenger with Voice, you’re set. When you add them to your contact list, they’ll get all the information they need to gear up and connect with you.

For YM users, here.

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